Project Portfolio

This is the list of some of the projects that I have been working on since last year. Some of these projects are completed and some in progress.


The Opcode Generator allows the user to write programs in assembly language and generate the opcode instructions that are then fed as input to the 8085 microprocessor kit.

The T-Rex Game is the command line version of the famous game on Google Chrome, implemented in Python using the curses library.

Course Related

This repository contains implementation of the CS6101 Undergraduate CS Course in Data Structure and Algorithms.

This repository contains implementation of the CS4103 Undergraduate CS Course in Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods.

Certifications and Independent Coursework

  • Course in Neural Networks for Machine Learning by University of Toronto [In Progress]
  • Certificate in Statistical Inference by John Hopkin’s University [Final Grade Awaited]
  • Certificate in R programming by John Hopkin’s University [J825SFNFQVBT, 09-2016]
  • Certificate in Data Science Toolbox  by John Hopkin’s University [LXJCNT955TF5, 09-2016]
  • Certificate in Machine Learning by Stanford University [L6DSHUPFYGES, 08-2016 ]
  • Course in Natural Language Processing by Stanford University [Completed, Starting March 2012]
  • Course in Deep Learning by Vincent Vanhoucke [Completed, Udacity]
  • Course in Reinforcement Learning by Michael L. Littman and Charles L. Isbell [Completed, Udacity]
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming by John Owens and David P. Luebke [Completed, Udacity]

A PDF version of my CV can be found here.

The latexfile is available here.